You know what you get if you google “start a new funny blog”? Nothing. 

Well, technically, that’s not true. You get a bunch of random garbage like posts from people who THINK their blog posts are funny or posts from people trying to get you to pay for SEO services (which, is not what either Charlie Sheen or those “To Catch a Predator” peeps are looking for online, similar spellings to the contrary). Whatever. Like the funniness won’t just lure them here. I mean, that’s what the Internets are about, right? The never-ending search for humor? (I work in marketing, so I’m totally just making up the whole SEO doesn’t work thing. I know what it does.)

Anyway, meeting new people is like pulling off a Band-aid, right? Looks deceptively simple – just one quick move and you’re home free, except for the excruciating pain and the hair loss and the gummy skin and…. okay, so maybe they’re not alike at all (who  came up with that analogy anyway?).  But, it stands to reason that if it’s awkward to meet people in real life, then meeting them through the web shouldn’t be any easier, right? But we have to start somewhere. 

So, my name is Natalie. I am starting the fourth phase of my adult life, which to date has been measured by the accomplishments of my husband – 1) the horrible years before he was lucky enough to marry me; 2) the early years in which we had the typical newlywedded bliss; 3) the DARK DAYS otherwise known as law school (for him, not for me. I mean, they were dark and wretched for me, too, but I didn’t go to law school); and now 4) the brave new world of post-law-school life. 

Every time I start a new life stage, I feel the compulsion to start a new blog. Because nothing says “new beginnings” like a website that’s about as long-lasting as a Britney Kardashian wedding or a “I-will-not-snack.I-will-not-snack.I-will-not-snack” New Year’s resolution (excuse me while I fortify myself for the rest of this post with a Jell-O tempations mousse cup). So, I’ve blogged about being a single girl in the past. I’ve blogged about being a law school wife, and now I’m ready to blog again. 

So, this is an introduction that tells you not much of anything, except that I love to write and ramble. Oh, also, I’m a Ravenclaw (I think that definitely tells you more about me than saying something ridiculous like “I’m a Gemini” or “I work in public relations” or “My hair is brown). As this week continues, I’ll try to make a true introduction by sharing some of the great loves of my life – my sisters and husband, sports, matchmaking and being witty and charming. 

So, hey, world. What’s up?