Fantasies and Danger (Tots)

Tomorrow marks a momentous day.

It’s a day when we smear on our eye black. When we put on our game faces. When we get our minds set and prepare our best smack talk. When we sit down with our highlighted lists and iPads and…

Show what giant nerds we all really are.

That’s right. Another year, another fantasy football draft.

My glorious, glorious team, the Danger Tots (yeah, you read that right) is getting ready to take to the … screens…again and dominate the work league. We’re headed for a three-peat this year, because really, have you ever seen a more ferocious snack?



(Many thanks to my coworker Ralph for fulfilling my vision of possessing the very most amazing mascot of all time.)

When you think about it, fantasy football is an interesting thing. Especially in my particular league. This league comprises a few guys who are invested in the league; a handful of women who probably rank among the best sports fans around and a lot of females who draft based on “Oh, I looked up his picture and he’s way hotter than the other quarterbacks – I’ll take him.” While I appreciate the gloriousness of Troy Polomalu’s flowing locks and Drew Brees’ boyish charm, you are not going to catch me drafting Tony Romo’s dimples smile along with his interception-riddled arm.

But, I do have one particular weakness – I’m not colorblind when it comes to fantasy football. If there’s a player that has sported the green and gold (Baylor, not Green Bay – ew), they’re going to get a second look. But, when that means guys like these, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So, send a little love and luck in the Tots’ direction tomorrow. It’s eat or be eaten and the Tots need to have the fantasy fiber to withstand another season and bring home the gold (and the opportunity to flaunt my successes for another year).


5 thoughts on “Fantasies and Danger (Tots)

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    1. Yes, I realized how much I missed the blog world! Fantasy is fun, but it’s also kind of time-consuming to always watch for the good players to be available and stuff. I really just like the draft party and the trash-talking!


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