Habitual insomnia has been happening for me lately. I guess it’s because I’m gearing up for THE MOST MAGICAL AND AMAZING WEEK OF MY LIFE next week (just a little excited, can you tell?), but I’m trying to get the rest of life under control and something has to give. 

And apparently, my body thinks that something should be sleep. 

But, there are two observations I would like to make regarding sleep. One, insomnia, for me, creates a semi-vicious cycle. I can’t sleep, so I stay up late to do work. So then I’m dragging in the morning at work. To compensate for that, I drink a cup of coffee. Then, I’m not sleepy at night, so I drink a glass of wine. Then, the wine makes me feel like garbage the next morning, so it’s back to the old caffeine IV (okay, I’m actually a total wimp. Most people at the office are drinking triple-strength black death espresso and I’m all like, “Can I mix a pack of sugar-free cocoa into my coffee so it doesn’t taste icky?”). 

The second observation is this. If there ever is a way to completely vanquish sleep, I might be able to take over the world. I am so productive during the couple of hours when I am by myself during the day, just typing and writing and plotting to my heart’s content. I guess sleep just levels the playing ground between hyper-awake Natalie and the lesser mortals. 


But, until then, I will just keep plugging away with the work and such and just remind myself I have 132592805 hours to sleep on a plane this weekend!