This is live action blogging at its finest.

Ho hum. I am waiting for my plane. And now I have quandaries. Do I eat before I get on the plane or do they serve food on the plane? Life-altering decisions, friends.

Apparently I’m also a little obsessive since I spent the first hour of airport-waiting making my work to-do list. And writing stuff. But that’s because I spent most of the day at work scrambling around last-minute projects, acting frazzled, hugging people, making a compliments jar for my desk, and forcing people to tell me how much they will miss me. Okay, full disclosure, I didn’t have to force anyone. Everyone will just miss me of their own volition. It’s like gravity or something – completely inevitable (….That’s how science works, right?)

Now? Just chilling (why, yes, this is the most boring blog post ever) and abusing the fact that i have access to technology. What in the world did people do in airports before technology, namely iThingies? Talked to one another (shudder)?

I am actually very much looking forward to this plane ride. As my husband said in reference to the flight, “This might be the most sleep you’ve gotten all week.” And also, there might be wine… And also there WILL be a Marian Keyes audiobook (Marian, please stumble across your name on this blog because I adore you and think you’re the funniest writer ever and I want to be you when I grow up!).

So, bon voyage and also whatever travel words British people say. Next time I write you, I’ll be on the other side of the pond. 🙂