FOTC Thoughts in London

If you have never seen Flight of the Conchords, I must insist that you stop reading this blog immediately and go watch the first season (only the first – the second is not that good). It is brilliant and funny and has the best songs EVER.

So, Flight of the Conchords is all about two New Zealanders who have a band and try to make it in the Big City. They’re provincial and gullible and ridiculously hilarious. One of the ongoing jokes in the show is about Australia vs. New Zealand. The protagonists, Bret and Jemaine, lose girls to good-looking Australians, are mistakenly racially profiled as Australians and lose attention at band gigs – you guessed it – because of Australians.

So, this little London walk made me laugh, because I came upon Australia House. It’s the Australian Embassy or whatever in London. You may also recognize it as the site of a famous fictional bank.

“Butterbeers flowing cause we got ALL this money in Gringotts.”

So, check it. This place is massive and stately and beautiful. And then, just keep walking a few blocks and you’ll see this.

That’s right. Australia House is a palatial mansion-y kind of place. The approach to New Zealand House is cheapish text under a cheapish awning. It was so very FOTC.

Now, stop reading this and go watch the show immediately.


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