The Art of the Selfie

There are perks to traveling alone and there are perks to traveling with a companion.

When you’re alone, no one wakes you up on the flight because they’re bored and can’t sleep and want you to suffer with them (that whole “for worse” part of the vows). When you’re alone, you can go to as many palaces as you want without being told that “After you’ve seen one palace, you’ve seen them all” (not said by my husband, but by someone else’s. Mine wouldn’t be so foolish as to say such a thing TO or around me). You can eat all the complimentary biscuits in the room yourself (oh, and a biscuit is a cookie by the way) and sneak sugar lumps from the bowl in the hotel lounge without being judged (obviously both those things are hypothetical and certainly not things I would EVER actually do).

But, there is one thing that is very bad about not having a traveling companion, and that is – having to take selfies.

I am like Mary Poppins – practically perfect in everyday – with only two exceptions. I am bad at

1) minding my own business
2) taking selfies

It is difficult – truly – to smile and to hold the camera and to not look at the camera so your eyes aren’t angled off into the distance and to make sure your hair looks good and you’re not disheveled and your clothes are all straight and you’re pointing your chin in a way that makes you look thin and piquant and your right eye is not getting all squinty and tiny (okay, that one is just me – my eyes get very crinkly in photos unless I practice).

But, that’s just for a regular “oh I’m just getting ready to drive to work, let me make sure I look glowingly attractive (or at least not like a dog’s breakfast – another excellent British-y phrase) before I leave the house” selfie. Travel ones take the photo stress to a whole new level because you’ve the added stress of making sure you get the background of wherever you are in the snap. So, here are some of the pre-husband-arrival selfie snaps from this trip, and some of the Will-was-sitting-down-and-I-needed-photo-STAT! ones as well:

At Buckingham Palace:


At Australia House:


At Harrod’s, with a bear!


Wandering the posh streets of Chiswick (although that’s in no way shown in this pic as its basically just a close up of myself)


At Hampton Court, my fave palace ever, in the wine cellar:


So, not precisely photographic gold. But the important thing in each locale is to commemorate the great happenings of the trip and prove I was actually in these places, which,
I suppose they do, so in that regard at least, they may be considered a success.

Are you a good self- photographer? Any tips? 😉


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