How We Were Meant to Be (A Wizarding Love Story)

How do you know you’re meant to be? That is the question. 

Well, just drag your Significant Other/Potential Significant Other to your local Ollivander’s. Wait – what? You’re not magical and don’t have an Ollivander’s at your disposal? Perhaps a Gregorovitch? Well, alright then, you’ll have to settle for Harrod’s, Universal City or maybe a random toy store. 

As I’ve already said, I’m a Ravenclaw. But, when it comes to wands, there was only one Ravenclaw’s available – Luna’s. Luna is all well and good, if you’re into that spacey, overimaginative, pale, waify type. But, I think of myself as more Hermoine-ish — extremely brilliant, crazy hair, leanings toward Ravenclaw OR Gryffdinor – Totally me. 

Like twins separated at birth, right? 

So, the Hermoine wand was totally the one for me. And then, I told my husband, “The fate of our marriage rests on this moment.” Or, more accurately, “Pick up a wand, so I know it’s real (#wizardthuglife).” Okay, so actually, I said, “Oh, come on. Just choose a wand. PLEASE choose a wand. Ohmigosh, please, JUST pick one up. Seriously. PLEASE. Why are you doing this to ME? JUSST CHOOOOOOSE ONEEEEE!”

Because, you see, I have a hard-hearted, nonbeliever Muggle-wannabe of a husband who refuses, no matter how much I beg and plead and cry and bribe, to take the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz himself (wow – I kind of regret the abject nerdiness of that sentence). 

 So, since he knows nothing about Potter-ish things, just put a selection of wands in front of him and make him choose his favorite. I thought he might go for Lupin’s wand, not that he has any idea who Lupin is or the great contributions he made to wizarding society, but he said, “Muggle, please,” and reached for…

 The wand of Ron Weasley. 

Husband with wand








Accio love! And that’s how I knew (after 10 years together) that it must have really been meant to be. 

 Now, I should probably stop writing about things like this before I get really into LARP-ing or you know, die of nerdiness. 


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