The Friendaversary Date

What do you do when you’ve been through four years of triumph, despair, anger, frustration, elation, mischief and plotting together? Well, some people might decide that’s a good time to like it and put a ring on it. But, if you’re already married or both female, the next best thing is to celebrate a friendaversary.

I have a lot of lovely friends, but Alexis and I are the only friends who have designated a day to celebrate our relationship. From starting together within months of each other as the babies of the department to working on the same team now, we’ve grown up in our careers together, and we keep a running commentary on life going day and night between IMs, text messages, ecards and funny Pinterest posts.


Why are we friends? It started as proximity, sitting within five feet of each other all day everyday, but we also share some of the same opinions (like having the same Facebook page as a couple is unacceptable, and that Phillip Rivers is one of the best-looking quarterbacks in the NFL, and that we need to be very involved in my sister’s life decisions). And, we share the some of the same vices as well (like a love for wine and a mostly-kept-secret hip-hop fiend love for memorizing rap lyrics – she loves Kendrick Lamar and I love rapping anything).

Real-life texting convo

So, to celebrate four years of growing up together, we had a lovely, girly, no-boys-allowed evening with giant salads, glasses of wine, gossip and just enjoying each other’s company.


Thanks, Lex, for being a friend, confidant, makeup and fashion advisor, support system and partner-in-crime. Here’s to many more years of matchmaking, laughter , fun, fantasy football, marketing, social media – and friendship.


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