First Game Impressions – Baylor vs. Buffalo

What do you do when it’s hotter than Ryan Gosling outside? Well, if you’re lucky (or rich or have a rich friend), you sit by your pool and drink a fruity, frosty drink. If you’re insane, you watch football on the surface of the sun.

So, yeah, you can guess which ones we were, as we made the big trek to Waco for our first Baylor game of the year (second actual game of the season but we were in Paris still for the
first matchup – #firstworldprobs).

And it was among other things:
– a record-breaking day for Baylor in total offensive production
– the highest-scoring game at Floyd Casey stadium
– the auspicious date of the ever-so-talented-and-attractive Jay Lee’s first touchdown at Baylor
– the first time to watch my dear friend and personal favorite Jason Osei play in person

– the first time I’ve ever been intoxicated before noon (sheltered life – my sister Dia/brunch queen Emmy is likely ashamed of me right now)
– the first time I’ve basically gotten a hand injury from high-fiving so many men with giant ferocious hands (at March of the Bears)
– a big win to start things off right for the season

My friend Casi posted this pic to fb just for me – the lovely Lynx Hawthorne.


Cue swoony smirk interrupted by married lady sigh….

So, all in all, an excellent day. It’s so exciting to watch such an explosive offense. And it’s just amazing to go from being “the-for-sure-W-on-the-schedule” Baylor to the “video-game-ridiculous-offense-two-potential-Heisman-candidates” Baylor.

But, next time, I’d still prefer it to be not so ridiculously hot. Please take note – future games should be at about the James Roday level of hot (above average and totally
okay with me -maybe with a breezy twist). Because I just can’t take another Gosling-level type
heat wave. I actually PURCHASED water at the game, and given my pennypinching ways, that means the vomitously hot weather was serious business. And apparently, my phone didn’t care much for it either.

Two wins in the books and 11 more to go. Sic em.


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