So, as you can probably tell –
I have a diverse range of interests. I was thinking about myself the other day, and I’m a pretty strange mix of Jane Austen devotee, historical fiction devourer, hip hop fiend, Potter-ist, royal watcher (some might say stalker), craft beer lover, wine taster and sports obsessed fangirl. Pretty much the only thing that links my many and sundry interests is that I’m fairly nerdy in my liking for pretty much all these things – equally likely to shriek over a genuine Marauder’s Map replica or a royal baby photo or 2 Chainz’s new cookbook or the Bun B coloring book (yes, those are both real literary works #writerthuglife). That’s why – with the exception of the rapping part – London was the perfect holiday spot for me, because it’s the place where many of my interests collide, where I can stand in a park and tell Will, “Oh these gardens were made in honor of this queen and here’s how she’s related to Prince William, oh and also Harry had a Parselmouth convo with a boa constrictor here.” Because I’m just totally a renaissance woman that way – you know, on all the really important areas of useful life knowledge.

Anyway, another thing I wasn’t really thinking about when I went to Europe was that things have been somewhat modernized since the eras I usually read about. So, the Tower of London was really as creepy and beheader-y as one might expect, for example. Also, I didn’t really realize how excited I might get over some fairly commonplace (some might dare to say lame) things. Since I also like current everyday life writers like Sophie Kinsella and Jane Green, I got pretty thrilled and joyously anticipatory over my inaugural visits to shopping Meccas like Boots, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer’s, and Tesco. Seriously. I walked past Tesco for the first time and got all panic attack-y excited like, “OMG, in “Remember Me,” Lexi bought a lipstick here! I have GOT to check this out.” Now, lest you get confused with all these fancy-dancy store names, let me tell you how truly ridiculously excitement of this issue was. First, you have to remember that I’m getting excited over the pretend lipstick purchase of an imaginary character. That’s right – not real lipstick, not a real person. So, there’s one level of ridiculous for you. Secondly, this excitement is pretty much tantamount to coming to America and saying, “Whoa – Target! CVS! Walgreens, for the love of all that’s holy!” So, yeah, not cool. Not cool at all.

And, I’m going to guess my compulsory visits to Sainsbury’s to thoroughly inspect – and photodocument – the difference in British and American candy bars is pretty much near the Star Trek figurine collecting, Dungeons and Dragons playing, Hobbit loving end of the vacation travel coolness spectrum.



Although, I will say it was a comfort when I got back to show pictures to Lex and have her say, “Ohmigosh – Chunky Kit Kat?! Why have they been keeping this from us?!” Nothing like a little validation for your personal neuroses. And seriously, I don’t know why they’ve been keeping Chunky Kit Kat from us, as it sounds pretty justifiably-freak-out-worthily delicious.

20130911-001435.jpgAngry-face candy shopping selfie – obviously this was serious business.