Weird Things: Food-tography

One of my husband’s new pastimes (read: obsessions) has become trying delicious restaurants. This fascination with food takes us far and wide – from glamorous downtown haunts to super-long barbecue queues to Southside Spanish only joints and everywhere else in between. So, every now and then, I may post some foodish stories, just to whet your appetite and acquaint you with our delicious city (or whatever delicious city we might be visiting).

But, to the point of this story. You want to know when you know you’ve become more than a normal food-consuming human? More than a food enthusiast or a gourmand or a foodie? You’ve taken your food interests to obsessive nerdy levels when you feel a compulsion to take a photo of almost everything you eat. Seriously… When it becomes depressing and you have to sternly talk yourself out of snapping pics when you’re dining in a group, that’s when your food fan-ness has gone too far. Save your photo snaps for funny street signs and encounters with minor celebrities. Don’t give in to food-nerdiness!

I’m kidding. I love food photos. I have five million of them from vacation and from business trips and from around San Antonio and from road trips to Waco/Baylor. I just think it’s funny (even when I do it), when I have to stop a conversation to pull out my phone, position my plate, turn the food to the most alluring angle, make sure the lighting is good, snap a photo, then post it to Instagram. Because of course it has to go on Instagram. All this takes more effort than I usually spend on grooming myself for work in the morning (which usually enompasses waving some mascara at my eyelashes during traffic), and it’s all to photodocument the brief shining moment when some animal or plant was given the opportunity to be the star of my plate.

But, it has to happen, right? That’s why people go out to eat, so they can brag about the delicious, stylish, unique things they’ve consumed, right? After all, if you ate a meal and no one saw it, did it really exist? Actually, not seeing equalling not existing might not be so terribly bad in the food world if that means the calories are vanquished at the same time.

Just to show my dedication to photographing all meals great and small, here are a few of the latest:

20130912-215229.jpg Imperial Rolls, Sunflower, Austin

20130912-215247.jpg Zucchini crisps, Picnickins, friendaversary date (these are so good – please go eat them!)

20130912-215306.jpg Toblerone ice cream, Sl!m’s apartment, Paris (more on Sl!m later)

20130912-215343.jpg Squab two ways, Cinnamon Club, London


Sherry trifle, Gillray’s, London

20130912-220247.jpg Vaishali’s chicken curry, my kitchen, San Antonio

20130912-220314.jpg Ridiculously giant and delicious barbecue feast, Franklin BBQ (more on this later too)


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  1. I always get so excited when the food arrives, I devour the food and forget to snap a pic then towards the end I think, Oh man I should have taken a picture of this delicious food. Maybe next time I will remember. Keeping my phone ready to snap pics at all times.


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