Even the Chocolate Knows

Even the Chocolate Knows

Late night at the office.

Foraging through coworker’s desk for food because I am STARVING (by the way, thanks for the chocolate, Lex).

Got a Dove chocolate with a wrapper that was better (and truer!) than a fortune cookie. I really should charge for all my good advice – that would supplement my income and pay for my travel fixation and happy hour habit. And, with the extra money, I could consider a continuous Dr Pepper IV. This sounds like an excellent business plan.


3 thoughts on “Even the Chocolate Knows

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    1. Yep – sometimes when I am at work until 8 or 9, I go on these crazy candy forages, so I am very grateful for people who buy chocolate and have the self-control to share it instead of eating it all themselves. đŸ˜‰


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