There were only a couple of things wrong with Baylor’s last non-conference game versus ULM (Louisiana-Monroe).

1. I got a sunburn that looked like this.


Nice necklace line, right?

2. I had to pay for a bottle of water again (as a complete cheapskate, paying for water ranks up there with pet psychic and Money Badger’s autograph of “things I think it’s immoral to pay for.”)

3. There was, at one point, about three minutes where we didn’t score.

Other than that, straight-up gloriousness, which started with a magical Osei-hug (a good luck charm more coveted than Felix Felicis) from the world’s friendliest football player, then continued with tailgating with the lovely Casi and Co., then much high-fiving and yelling and some slapping (that was all me: fair warning to anyone who watches a game with me. I hit when I get overly excited.)

Game high points:
– INTERCEPTIONS: the most uplifting thing to me is watching our defense do excellent things, like get two pick-6s in the first. I still have some questions in my mind about our secondary, so good defensive plays make me feel much better about the rest of the games ahead. The fact that the defense has scored more than they’ve given up to date is good to hear.
– Lache-breakaway. I love seeing Seastrunk electrify the crowd with breakaway runs. It’s hard for me to decide right now whether Petty or Seastrunk should be my dark horse Heisman favorite.
– Seeing not just the first team, not just the second team, but even the third team take the field. When your little backup QB has a higher passer rating than your Heisman contender, that’s heartening for the future.

Sappy admission of the day: There
might have been tears during the player intro video. And not from Will (this time at least).

Conference play starts next week, so we will see what happens next. Sic em til then.