On Late Night Activities and Such

Pretty frequently lately, I’ve been late at the office, and often, it’ll be just me hanging around. It’s usually pretty quiet around the office at night so I can get things done and projects off my plate and the only pauses in my ultra-productivity are the breaks I have to take for candy and snack foraging because “OMG I’m starving and there’s no possible way I can survive without a handful of peanut M&Ms or a piece of Dove chocolate for another 45 minutes.”

Anyway, so when it’s really late, there’s no interruption. There are no requests for projects or wording or anything else, other than the regularly delivered emails from my boss that just say, “Go home,” appropos of nothing. There are no sounds, except for the clicker-clackering of my keyboard.

Well, usually, that is.

The other night, I was sitting in my office, working on some kind of brilliant piece of marketing, when I hear a strange wailing sound. Now, those of you who have been reading for a while know that I am prone to hearing things and thinking them scary, or imagining monsters and axe murderers and Death Eaters around every corner. Well, that’s absolutely not what happened in this situation. Nope. It was a real sound and it was coming closer. I was afraid… very afraid… for about two seconds. Then, I realized, this is not a ghostie or ghoulie or anything else scary in the slightest.

It was one of the cleaning staff, suffering from headphone-itis. You know, it’s that situation that occurs when you have Destiny’s Child or Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love or something blaring from your iPod and you’ve got those earbuds in and all of the sudden, you’re ready to go on tour with Adele. And not even as her backup singer.

So, what did I do? I just stayed quiet in my office, and kept typing and worked through the concert. It wasn’t an uninterrupted night’s work for me, but at least she was enjoying herself. Or she was until the inevitable moment when I had to go pick things up from the printer and she discovered she had an audience of one the entire time. I don’t know which of us was trying harder not to be noticed by the other at that point.


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