Will Run for Beer

What’s better than running?

Well, like 5,000,000 things actually – like eating ice cream, watching reruns of Psych, reading anything by Marian Keyes, or having a drink with friends.

So, my reaction when my sister’s boyfriend asked me to run a 5k with him was, “Really, Collin? Do you know me at all?” But then he said, “It’s a 5k at a brewery and there’s free beer.” Well then, that’s a completely different story, right?

So I agreed.

And then, I went to Collin’s house and saw that his walls are absolutely covered with medals. From 5ks and half marathons and whatnot. Seriously, he collects medals like I collect headbands. Except that he got his sparkly accessories from running and running really fast, and I got mine from … you know, Target.

But anyway, so we got up, got ready and prepared to run. We weren’t prepared, really, clothing-wise, for this run. It was an Oktoberfest celebration and we were all decked out for College Gameday instead of wearing the requisite Lederhosen (like this guy – yeah, that’s a guy).

So, we started running. And for poor Collin, running with me was more like Secretariat trying to gallop along with a poky three-legged pony. But he stayed with me the whole time, even when I was begging, “Please just go ahead without me…. Seriously.”

Also, since I was running with another human being, I didn’t listen to my carefully crafted running mix. That mix includes a number of really super-inspirational songs… You know, like, “Make em Say Uhhhhh,” “Seven Nation Army,” and “Let the Beat Build, B{*#*.” The harder the run, the grumpier, thug-lifier the song has to be… Unless of course, it’s “Rise Up,” which is the greatest song ever in any genre and the most uplifting too, which can’t really be said for the Lil Wayne nonsense. Anyway, this is a sidebar that doesn’t have to do with this run since the only time I turned on my iPod during this particular run was when Collin had to take a bathroom break and I listened to “Go Natalie,” which, yes, it’s a real song and, yes, it’s amazingly motivational to listen to a song about being a supafly dime when you’re trying to finish a run in good time.

So, the end.

Of the run, that is. The funny thing about a run at a brewery is that, of course, as soon as the race ends, beer starts flowing just as quickly as water. And, as this was at Rahr, it was really, really good beer. Another funny thing about drinking following a race is that you’re still sweaty and the sweat and the beer kind of blend together into this weirdo bizarre salty cocktail. Gross, right?


But, like one of my coworkers told me, beer is the best possible rehydrator after a race with all the carbs and sugars and whatever else (I don’t know – I’m a PR person, not a nutritionalist). So, this was fun and sweaty and excellent and I would do it or something like it again, especially since it was with my favorite contender for the #bilc (more on that later).


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