What Happens in DC

Sometimes I get so busy living a lovely and hectic life that there’s no time to write about all the inherent loveliness as interestingness that I keep encountering everywhere. But, I felt like it might be remiss to visit DC and never write anything about it or give any recommendations. But, this trip was such a quick-flying in and out that there’s not too much to say. I will boil it down to this:

– It’s sad to watch the Redskins (my adopted team) lose. It’s even sadder to watch them lose in DC with a bunch of Cowboys fans. And it’s even sadder when your friend points out that you’re probably causing the loss with your bad luck shirt. And, the sadness continues to ensue when you go back to your room to take off said shirt (which your friend thinks is probably the malicious source behind RG3’s knee injury) and they start making a comeback and you realize that if only you’d come upstairs sooner or took one for the team by ripping off your clothes in public, your team just might have won that darn season opener. It’s a lot of pressure to have so much power and not know how to wield it for good. Life and death are in the hands of the fan-attire (looking innocent in the shirt of doom).

– Zaytinia is still the best DC restaurant I’ve tried. I could eat there every time I go to DC without getting tired of the Brussel sprouts and dill shrimp and red pepper/feta dip and flourless chocolate cake. The rose ice cream was another story, as I typically prefer to wear my perfume instead of drink it, but people who grow up in states like Iowa must think plant-multitasking is a prerequisite, and that roses have to be both a thing of beauty and a snack forever (sorry, Ellen).

– I keep getting older and Congressional staffers just keep getting younger. Or at least they must have Dorian Gray levels of collagen. Some of them actually claim to be in the 30-ish range, also known as older than me, and still look like they need to be carded to spray paint and cigarettes.

– No museums were on the agenda this trip because it was just too hectic. I usually try to make the most of my tax dollars by hitting up one Smithsonian location or one monument each trip. So, no new recommendations there.

– The Source was just okay. I’m spoiled by Zaytinia, so even Wolfgang Puck can’t compare. The ahi appetizer was worth trying though; but then I’m such a fresh ahi lover that I’d probably eat it while it’s still swimming (sorry, bad pic).


– It’s a good thing to have colleagues who are also friends. Makes life and work just a little easier and better and more fulfilling.


So, the moral of this story: Go to Zaytinia. That’s the key point to take away, from this DC trip at least. 😉 Oh, and also, choose your gameday clothes carefully because you’ve got a lot of burden on your shoulders, fans.


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