Taking on the Waco Trilogy

Sometimes there’s way too much life to be lived between blog posts and not enough time to write about it. That’s why I’m two full game days behind on blogging (because God forbid that I miss writing a single blog post about Baylor football).

The most recent home game was one of my favorites this season. Why? Because I got to share my favorite city and favorite place in the world with someone who has never experienced the wonderfulness of Waco.

Our friend Melissa joined us and, in honor of this glorious day, Will created the Waco Trilogy – three must-have meals/restaurants for guests or visitors to Waco. The quest began with George’s Bar (of Pat Green fame) for Big Os and crazy wings.


Will and Melissa, all smiles preparing for Trilogy Conquest #1


A toast to friendship!


They’re called crazy wings, really I guess, because they’re crazy-good. They certainly have nothing to do with being constructed in whole or in part from wings. No, despite their name, they actually comprise a jalepeno slice, cheese, a chicken tender and a slice of bacon all rolled up and fried. Then, in case that’s not enough artery-obstructing nourishment for your tastes, it’s also customary to dip them in George’s ranch dressing.

From there we proceeded to Ninfaritas. I was just going to say “to Ninfa’s” but my phone autocorrected it, which just might be a problematic symptom of a bigger issue. Anyway, Ninfaritas and green sauce and more chatting were the order of the day here at my most beloved Thursday college haunt with the besties. Then, it was time to walk around campus, where we met bears (I was actually previously acquainted with them but it was Melissa’s first get-to-know-you with them).

20131016-211917.jpg Then, we took Melissa over to meet Judge Baylor and get the must-have photo for any Baylor fan or campus visitor.

20131016-212021.jpg Complete with sic ’em!

And then after all that, the last piece of the Waco Trilogy – the Gut Pak. Winner of the national March Madness for most famous college food, the Gut Pak is definitely a Waco original.


Those who attended our Heisman Party a couple of years ago (yes, of course we did that – doesn’t everyone have special parties just for the Heisman announcement show?) got to experience our homemade version – think super deluxe Frito-pie-ish-ness – but this one was the real Vitek’s deal.

Okay, that’s a lot of posting about food, and about 500 more pictures than usual, and we haven’t even gotten to the game part yet.

We had to make a little store run because of weather – seriously a shopping-related emergency since the precipitate drop in temperature meant Melissa was walking around making this stylish sartorial statement.


Why, yes, that is a dashing socks and sandals combo. At least even her feet had school spirit!

We did March of the Bears, saw Casi and Co. at their most hospitable tailgate, and then we spent the game shrieking at the top of our lungs and high-fiving after every one of the 10 touchdowns. No, not a typo – 10. It was so fun to immerse such a dear friend into Baylor culture, to share random facts about the players, to have another girl to thoroughly inspect the program and choose the best-looking players (consensus victory for Bryce Hager), and to point out things like the thrusty tubas, #kissthebicep (which I PROMISE has actually happened) and to jump around with during “Jump Around.”

And the fact that Baylor has the most high-flying offense, and is electrifying to watch, and were sporting the chrome and black unis didn’t hurt either.

Question for Baylor fans out there – what’s on your Waco must-do list? For other schools’ fans, where should we go if we ever hit up your college town?


4 thoughts on “Taking on the Waco Trilogy

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    1. I have always liked sports because my dad heavily influenced all his girls at an early age (lifelong athlete with no sons!), but even if I hadn’t, I would have had to learn to like them in self-defense after marrying my husband! 😉


  1. Holy cow, those crazy wings look incredible.

    I might have to make some. Or… you know, convince the husband to make some, since I don’t cook. Ever.


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