I feel like I’ve been a big time globetrotter lately. Thanks to our first big vacay in a few years, plus work trips plus having two incomes again, plus fortuitous football scheduling, I’ve been able to blog a lot lately about new things, places, foods and adventures.

Following the Philly trip, I caught a plane to Kansas City to rendezvous with my husband for a super-romantic weekend. Because when you think of Kansas, obviously passionate, lovey, starstruck days together are obviously the very first things that come to mind. And, that romance is obviously delineated by screaming, shrieking and a lot of hitting.

Because, of course we were there for football. Baylor played Kansas State in the Little Apple – Manhattan, Kansas. We had such a great time. We are both so appreciative of the days we have together lately, since we only get to see each other a couple of days a week. But, anyway, the K-State game was great. I think they are the friendliest fan base I have encountered. People from all over struck up conversation with us and welcomed us to Kansas. Only one group of drunken tailgaters yelled a half-hearted “Baylor sucks,” but even their spirits weren’t in it because obviously they know they that’s COMPLETELY INCORRECT. And, really, using that as an insult, ridiculous. Absolutely bush league compared to the insults thrown around by the other former members of the Southwest Conference – now those are some true insulters, people who think nothing of saying “F you” to your face just for walking by and breathing.

This was the closest game Baylor’s played this season, and I attribute it to the fact that Bill Snyder is the absolute Kryptonite-y, Voldemort-y antithesis to the offensive genius that is Art Briles.


Best part of the game? We had just a tiny pocket of fans over in one corner of the end zone and after the game, the team came running over to celebrate with the fans. I loved seeing Tevin Reese’s face as he bounded over and watching all the team members look up
into our little crowd. Then, everyone joined together to sing That Good Old Baylor Line. It was one of my coolest fan moments.

After the game, we hit up the Little Apple Brewing Company. What a fun place! Great beers and great food both. Between some pints and tasting glasses, we tried all their original beers.

20131022-231832.jpg And, Will fell in absolute love with the appetizers, which I’m going to replicate when I can – corn cakes, smoked salmon and avocado – so exceedingly good.

20131022-232008.jpg When we walked in, we were literally the only people not in purple in the entire place. However, we were not dissuaded or ashamed. We simply waltzed right through the purple-encased Kansans and had witty, hilarious conversations all by ourselves. Later, we discovered there WERE secret incognito Baylor fans there, because some people were silly enough to graduate from the greatest university the world has ever known and then exile their children to places where they have to wear purple instead of green and say EMAW instead of sic em.

Anyway, the weekend was excellent. The next day, we checked out the Kansas City-style barbecue at Arthur Bryant’s, including burnt ends, which seem to be the delicacy of the region.

I am such a Texan at heart because I just kept thinking, “Not as good as Franklin,” which I consider to be extremely delicious and which I would probably just like more anyway since it’s a home state product. After the barbecue, which I would rate only as average, we went to the Negro League Museum, and that was an interesting trip also. It reminded me just how brilliantly sports-intelligent my husband is, since he already knew and repeated to me about 80 percent of everything in the place.

Anyway, all in all, airlines not included (that’s a whole different story – by the way, I hate you American Airlines), this was a fun little weekend jaunt. We appreciate the weekends so much more since they are the only time we have together now. It’s extra-great when we get to share these unique experiences together and create weekend memories that revolve around more than watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of Game of Thrones, although that much Jorah Mormont is never a bad thing.

Fun as these trips are, though hopefully soon life will slow down and there will be less recounting of experiences and more wittily brilliant observations. But for now, sic ’em on another victory and the first road win of the season. Post K-State, only eight more wins to go.