I have the good fortune to be related to the three most beautiful, hilarious, amazing girls in the world (obviously, awesome is encoded in the Stone family DNA).


The best thing about having sisters is having someone who loves you no matter what, will sit with you for hours in bathrobes watching movies like “Soul Food” (hey, it was just on… Don’t judge), quote-along ridiculous things that you both have no business remembering, like lines from Veggie Tales or Even Stevens, sit in a row on the couch screaming in unison at televised Baylor games and just be there for you when you need it.

And, of course, along with being there for each other comes the advice factor. As the eldest, I always want to fix things. Elizabeth, with the innocence of still being a high schooler, asks questions that make what you should be doing obvious. Abby takes the pragmatic approach and makes you feel like your problem is so uncool and anti-anti-hipster that you shouldn’t even be worrying about it. And, Emily puts on her calming voice and gives the practical step-by-step advice intended to walk you right through the problems and get you back on the road to sanity and normality. So, without further ado, you may find these “Emily’s Cure
for a Bad Day” tips useful next time you need a little pick-me-up.

1. Take a breath.
2. Drink a lemonade.
3. Watch YouTube clips from “Annie.”

Because nothing makes you feel less bad about your misfortunes than watching a sniffling, unfortunate ginger child sing. And, you know what? It works. That’s why sisters are excellent humans to have around.