I have been accused of live tweeting the entire last weekend football trip. This is patently untrue. Obviously, many times when you’re in a crowd, like the sell-out one at Floyd Casey stadium for the Baylor/Iowa State game, you just can’t get the reception needed to make live tweeting possible. And, when people are constantly looking over your shoulder, either over the Internet or in real life, or saying, “You can’t post that to Twitter,” it kind of puts a damper on free speech and free-flowing humorousness.

This weekend highlighted the many differences in males and females. When we took Melissa to Waco with us, the trip had a completely different tenor, including things like choosing the most attractive players from the program and measuring ourselves against the lifesize Cyril Richardson poster.

Mel and Cyril – BFF

When you take two boys with you, the day can pretty much be summed up like this:


That is actually not a facetious or inneuendo-ish tweet at all. Unfortunately, it was a real-life happening.

We left the house at dawn, or more accurately, I suppose at 8:30 a.m., which only makes sense when you’re planning to attend a football game that begins at 6 p.m. Why? Because here’s another thing that is probably exclusive to trips with male persons – driving about 1249053209 miles out of the way to go to some small-town barbecue restaurant. But, that’s what we did – drove out to Lexington to try Snow’s BBQ, apparently voted number 1 on the “Best Food Ever” list and also rated well in Ross’ barbecue review book (reading books on food would, by the way, be reason #1409350 why he and Will were meant to be friends).

The glare cooperated with Ross’ desire to not be photographed.
Handsome, happy husband with WAY too much food

The consensus decision of the group was that it was good, but not great and not the best food in the entire world ever. The decision by me was that I do not enjoy smelling like food all day long. I am a person who will not even eat at Subway because of the stench, so smelling like meat all day long is not my cup of tea either. However, Matt did say, “I would instantly fall in love with a girl who wore perfume that smelled like a freshly smoked rack of beef ribs.” So, that combined with my natural pheremonal excellence (more on this in a later post) is probably a lethally attractive combination. Small victories, peeps.

Anyway, so, after the barbecue detour, we proceeded to Waco and to Dancing Bear, our favorite pub, where we met up with our longtime friends Grant and Megan. We were able to lure them there in spite of (or maybe because of? ) Grant’s confusion over whether it might or might not be a strip club. (sidebar: based on some unfortunate google searching I just did to try to link to it, such a place does exist under that name, just not in the Baylor bubble).

No Dancing Bear photos exist, but here we are in tailgating world!
No Dancing Bear photos exist, but here we are in tailgating world!
Emily is radiant
Reunited with Emily and plotting for next season

Megan’s presence, a stop by my friend Emily’s tailgate and the company of Matt’s friends Anna and Crystal ensured that I had some female companionship for a while during the day and had time for the all-important discussions on the Big 12’s best-looking coaches (Coach Kingsbury-Gosling gets the nod for football and Mayor Hoiberg for basketball).

It was the best/crowdiest March of the Bears ever and my last official Osei-hug (we’ve discussed it, and while there may be withdrawals, it’s all good and jinx-preventatory and necessary). And then there was the game. It wasn’t as good a game for Matt as it was for us, but it was still SO. FUN. Basically, this photo (which I stole from the Internet) perfectly encapsulates the way this game felt:


I guess a lot of people probably feel this way about their schools, but Baylor is just home to me. If I had to choose a hometown for myself, Waco is it, and I love sharing it with friends. And I love sharing Baylor victories and rituals and explaining why the tubas do the horrible cornea-searing things they do and Jumping Around and teaching the proper form for Sic ’em-ing.

So, another great weekend in the books, made all the better by the fact that Auburn pulled off the win against that school they played which shall not be named. I kind-of-loved, kind-of-hated the fact that they chose to announce the final score of that game – hated it because I don’t want them to think I care about them; loved it because, well, hello, what’s not to love about Baylor dominating on a day that school drops in the rankings? Let’s just say there was much rejoicing.

There were many other things that happened or were discussed, including horse genocide, theological hip hop (#Christianthuglife), establishing positions and the utter dominance of Baylor offense, but many of these conversational topics fall under the privileged (read: censored, but privileged is just a fancier, more lawyer-ly word for that) category. Oh, and by the way, that half-sausage did not make it all the way home. It had a much worse fate, but I’ll censor that also.