What’s the appropriate reaction when your husband says, “Hey, when you google ‘can God save a hooker’ a bunch of pictures of you come up”?

First, outrage at his insulting behavior. As in, “You’re terrible at making jokes. That’s not a very nice to say to your wife, jerk face.”

Then, when you find out it’s not just a weird joke he’s trying to make – “hmm.”

Thanks, blog, I guess, for making my picture synonymous with the word “hooker” on the Internet. And thanks Ahmad Dixon for being so quotable that I just have to use the things you say on my blog. Next up, getting one of these shirts. Because if there’s anything better than being google-linked to prostitution (and the benevolent mercy of God, of course), it’s proclaiming the same terminology in big green theologically sound yet politically incorrect letters across your chest.

Alright, on to the Fiesta Bowl. Baylor Nation, #NDRNation, in yet more Wise Words from Ahmad Dixon, “Sic everybody.”