Fiesta Bowl Road Trip Lessons, Part 1

As I write this, we are in….


Which is – yay – a brand new state for me. I am planning to just keep crossing them off one at a time. This year was actually a good one for new states – crossed off Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Pennsylvania in 2013.


Anyway though … Things I have learned on this drive so far:

– Texas is really, really big.

– I might have the nicest husband ever, since he turned around once we were already on the interstate to go home and get my purse, and he didn’t threaten to assassinate me.

– Two hours of driving while listening to hip hop music and practicing my rap game goes by quickly. Two hours listening to law professors talk about procedure is an eternity.

– But also on that note, I am really, really good at tuning that legal nonsense out. Pretty much the only time I hear any of it is when they use my favorite legal words – “quash” and “in limine.” I have no idea what limine means or how to spell it but it just sounds really nice and cheerful and citrusy. Oh, also, I just heard something about a guy sending a check to the court written on his underwear. People are weird.

– In some places, apparently, Dairy Queen is quite the tourist attraction. I do not have any photos of this because
I was driving at this point (safety first, friends!) but I counted seven billboards for the SAME Dairy Queen in about a two mile radius. We were not enticed to go there.

– My husband really wants me to do all these challenging things with my life, like rock climbing and such. He says when I am old, I’ll look back and regret being scared of these kinds of things, but obviously at least I’ll still be alive instead of meeting an early doom from hang gliding or mountain climbing or whatever else.

– L&J Cafe in El Paso had some of the best green chile chicken enchiladas I have ever had. Yes, I did eat enchiladas for breakfast at 10 a.m., but in all fairness, it was really 11 in Central (aka normal) time and also we had been up since 4. So, using transitive math, it was really 2 p.m., which has been decreed absolutely appropriate for enchilada consumption.

That just might be all for right now, but BOOOOOOWWWWLLLLLLLL GAME!! This promises to be a great #sicemallday kind of week!


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