Today has been a day full of organizing, and in the midst of these efforts, I stumbled upon an absolute literary treasure. What might that be, you ask? Oh, just…


That’s right. The first novel I ever wrote. Looks like “To Drink and Write” was in business long, long ago, back when the drink of choice was probably – no, definitely – a tiny tea set size cup tropical punch Kool-aid that I pretended was currant wine a la Anne Shirley.

Now, you’re probably dying to know what happened in this marvelous and riveting literary scion. To sum it up briefly, there were some parents named Dan and Anne (rhyming names, so cute, right? But note the “spelled with a ‘e'” Anne, which clearly does date this to my early L.M. Montgomery days). They went to the state of Romania and adopted a little child, whom they brought back to the state of Mt. Vernon and promptly left at a park. Nice work, Dan and Anne. Glad those social workers checked out your parenting skills so thoroughly.

Trying to date this effort was a challenge. Using context clues, I’m going to guess I was probably about 7, since there are cursive efforts included and I was apparently a huge fan of the quotation mark (some things never change) and had possibly just discovered the ellipsis. Also, there’s a reference to Romania, which means post-1990 Cold War cessation, and there’s a mention of Halloween/trick-or-treating, which was banned by my mother when I was 8.

Wow – so sleuthy. Maybe my next great literary work should be called “Natalie Drew and the Mystery No One Else Actually Cared About.” But seriously, writing must have been In my veins ever since then. It’s a shame it’s been 22 more years and no additional novels have been completed … Yet. 😉

What about you? Have you found any great treasures while cleaning? Or maybe found something from your childhood that pointed to what you might have an aptitude for as an adult?