” ‘Nuff people say, you know they can’t believe, Jamaica, we have a bobsled team.” – Sanka Coffie

I can’t believe I just talked about Cool Runnings a couple of days ago, and now, I actually have another excuse to mention this amazing, glorious movie.

This is a movie that’s definitely high, high, high on the Stone Fam Epic Movie Marathon List (which I should probably post sometime soon also). (Also, high, high, high was not a Jamaican stereotyping pun – just a total coincidence).

Anyway, back on topic.

Jamaica…. once again…. finally… has a BOBSLED TEAM! Go Jamaican bobsledders! And, once again, they had NO money to make their bobsledding Olympic quest a reality. But they crowdsourced it and now, it’s happening! Yeah Jamaica, yeah mon!

In honor of this marvelous movie, a few excellent quotes are posted herewith for your nostalgic reminiscence. Many of these are quoted with regularity even to this day between members of the Stone household: