Best Things Ever: Jamaican Bobsledding

” ‘Nuff people say, you know they can’t believe, Jamaica, we have a bobsled team.” – Sanka Coffie

I can’t believe I just talked about Cool Runnings a couple of days ago, and now, I actually have another excuse to mention this amazing, glorious movie.

This is a movie that’s definitely high, high, high on the Stone Fam Epic Movie Marathon List (which I should probably post sometime soon also). (Also, high, high, high was not a Jamaican stereotyping pun – just a total coincidence).

Anyway, back on topic.

Jamaica…. once again…. finally… has a BOBSLED TEAM! Go Jamaican bobsledders! And, once again, they had NO money to make their bobsledding Olympic quest a reality. But they crowdsourced it and now, it’s happening! Yeah Jamaica, yeah mon!

In honor of this marvelous movie, a few excellent quotes are posted herewith for your nostalgic reminiscence. Many of these are quoted with regularity even to this day between members of the Stone household:


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  1. I totally missed this announcement. In junior high, a group of friends and I used to act out the bobsled scenes on the locker room benches. We’d jump on one by one, then whoever was in front would call out “left! right!” and we’d all lean accordingly. It always ended with a crash, and us parading the bench through the locker room. The 7th graders thought we were really weird and, in retrospect, so do I.


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