Blessings and Dreams

Sometimes I forget how blessed I really am in this life. Loving husband. Best sisters in the world. Amazing job with coworkers who are like family.

It’s easy to get down “in the miry bog” about life and forget all the wonderful things we’ve been given and the life we have in abundance.

But, wait. There’s a point to this story. And the point is a moment that makes you wake up (literally) and realize how blessed you are.

Last night, I had a horrible dream. It was so terrible and so real that it woke me up with a gasp.

It was full of all those things that make a dream awful – a chase, a looming fear, complete helplessness.

I dreamed …. that I was about to miss a flight to Europe because I couldn’t find my passport because I’d left it in Europe on a trip the week before. There was frantic rifling through drawers and drawers of material possessions; there were mobile phones and laptops and crazy weird dream-world-only computer systems in use in the Quest for the Lost Passport.

Seriously. Can you say #firstdreamworldprobs ?

It woke me up with a sense of remembrance and revelation that my life is so good. In other countries and even here in my own city, there are people who wouldn’t ever have a dream like that because they’re thinking about how to feed their families or how to avoid being hurt or victimized or just how they’re going to make it through the day.

And in the meantime, I’m dreaming about being upset that I couldn’t take two trips to Europe in the same month.

It kind of puts life in perspective, right? My daily trials and tribulations are not so bad and I’m blessed to be a blessing to others. The question is – how do we put that into action once we’re out of dream world?


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