So, today is Diadeloso. Day of the Bear. The best day of the year for Baylor students and worst day of the year for Baylor alumni. Why? Because we’re all looking back on the Ghost of Dias Past and reminiscing on what it was like to have a free random day off from school.

According to the Baylor website, “Dia started in 1932 as a way to “bring smiles to the faces of students by giving them a break from classes.” It does. But then, once you’re out of school and embrace the harsh realities of adult life, it totally becomes an entitlement, where you sit around and think, “WHY am I working?! This should TOTALLY be a NATIONAL HOLIDAY! Oh, the humanity!”

So, in honor of Diadeloso today, I have put together the very depressing Dia for Grownups list:

1.  At regular Dia, you might drink until you regret it. And then some.

If you’re #GrownUpOnDia you drink….. your eight recommended servings of water to stay fully hydrated. And maybe, if you really want to live on the wild side, you might have that cute little 4 ounce serving of red wine – only for the flavonoids and heart-healthy benefits and all that.

2. At regular Dia, your trash cans are used to do ridiculously awesome dunks that end up on Tosh.O.

If you’re #GrownUpOnDia, you run around in the morning emptying all your bathroom trash cans before you go to work so your housekeeper won’t realize what a slob you are.

3. At regular Dia, you’re high on life (cliché, I know) and you can stay up and stay turnt up (thanks, Tevin Reese for bringing that phrase into the Baylor vocab) from Pria onward.

If you’re #GrownUpOnDia, you’re SO not high on life. In fact, you have to drink two cups of coffee for the first time in months and that much stimulation just sends you into a fit of shakes.

4. At regular Dia, it’s a huge deal to hear that “OMG, the Ying Yang twins/Waka Flocka/professional basketball players/whoever are here!”

If you’re #GrownUpOnDia, the closest you’re getting to a famous person is by browsing through your Norah Jones/Amos Lee/easy listening, non-pirated music collection, probably on your paid-for and totally legal Spotify account.

5. At regular Dia, you don’t go do the Tug-of-War and the magic show and whatever else might be planned. You slough off those societal constraints and go crazy.

If you’re #GrownUpOnDia, the most sloughing of societal restraints you’ll do is hitting the snooze button one extra time.

6. At regular Dia, you wear a tank top, because, well, it’s Dia and it’s Baylor and that’s just how Dia rolls.

If you’re #GrownUpOnDia, you wear …. Well, obviously, you wear your work clothes and, thanks to that snooze button you pushed because you were living on the wild side, it’s probably the first thing you grabbed from the closet or… #realtalk, from the floor.

7. At regular Dia, you spend the day looking for cute boys who go to Baylor.

If you’re #GrownUponDia, you spend the day (oh, every day, who are we kidding?) perusing the internet for the #DailyBryce, a collection of super-attractive photos of Bryce Hager that you sent to your besotted colleague. #stalkerlife


(I totally stole this photo from the internet, I admit it. I just couldn’t stop the compulsion. Totes living on the edge on Dia.)

So, happy Dia! Do other schools have days like this? Or, if you’re a fellow Baylor-ite, what else would you add to the #GrownUpOnDia list?