Oh the Places You’ll Go?

One of the benefits of having two wage-earning adults and no kids in the household is travel. Another is never stepping on Legos in bare feet, but that’s a different story.

As part of this situation, this summer, it will be travel time again. I know I owe a few blog posts on what to see and do and eat in LA and Philly and Phoenix, but those will have to wait until I can find someone good at Internet things to make a travel tab on my blog (volunteers?).

Anyway though, where would you recommend for a quick, fun trip? There are a few requirements:

– It can’t be a super-long flight from Texas.
– It has to be doable in 3-4 days.
– It has to be worthy of 30th birthday celebration status.

I am determined to have a glorious time on my 30th birthday. It’s bad enough that I’ve had to pluck THREE grey hairs since the beginning of 2014. I also seem to have a lingering plantar fasciitis situation, which I thought was supposed to only affect old people and (apparently, according to my all-knowing, fantasy-sports-loving-husband) baseball players. If I’m headed on a downward trajectory into decrepitude, I need to at least live it up on my 30th.

And, we also need to make up for Will’s birthday. Two years ago, he spent his 29th birthday in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Maui. We ate at Mama’s Fish House and sailed around on an America’s Cup Yacht. Well, since we couldn’t top that for the next consecutive year, we kind of went the opposite direction, and he spent his 30th in …. College Station, Texas. Could it get any worse?

So you see, peeps, this can’t happen again. I’m even willing to share my birthday celebration to make up for his. The question is – where should we go? Give me your suggestions please!


9 thoughts on “Oh the Places You’ll Go?

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  1. How about New Orleans? A quick flight from TX, you can see a lot in 3-4 days, & it’s definitely a celebratory place! I’d also suggest somewhere on the Florida panhandle if you like the beach!


  2. Agreed with shooker1. I’m guessing if you like to be hot (since you live in Texas and all..) the Florida panhandle is a great place to jaunt off for a long weekend. Ft Pickens, Panama City, Pensacola, Destin Beach — all lovely, hot places with much to see and do.


    1. I LOVE those places. We went to Destin/Panama City Beach for vacation growing up and the white sand is so amazing!

      Where do you live? I’m sorry – can’t remember from your blog.


  3. San Francisco! It’s an easy flight and there’s SO much to do. Plus, with the weather warming up, you might want to get away to somewhere a bit cooler. It’s a very easy city to get around – the hardest part will be narrowing down where to eat/what to see.


    1. I’ll have to get some guidelines from you soon – we decided on another locale for this trip, but San Francisco must happen soon (Will just went there last year, so we wanted to change things up a bit)!


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