Things I Have Made: Kit Kat Cake

I am not a food blogger.


A couple of reasons actually. First,
I steal all my recipes from other people’s blogs so I would have absolutely zero original material to use. And second, I am the absolute worst photographer that has ever walked this earth with an iPhone camera in hand.

Food photography takes a lot of work. You have to actually plate things nicely (too much effort). You have to set up a nice backdrop (too much effort). You have to wipe your kitchen cabinets and make sure there aren’t giant stains and crumbs in your photos (waaaaay too much effort).

So, the point of this post is – first, I am lazy. But, more central to the point, I would like to show you all pictures of occasional interesting things I have made but without typing out a recipe and posting 5827261 pictures of an empty pan, then a gently melting piece of butter, then an onion, then a neatly and artfully arranged pile of perfectly symmetrical diced onion pieces and so on and so on and … Gosh, I am exhausted just thinking about the perfect lighting needed to appropriately capture the sheen of the butter against the immaculately polished and sparkling pan.

Anyway, so I made this cake. And I was proud. And it involved a lot of candy. And it was for sweet Jennifer from my
office, because she is getting married a few short weeks from now.

So, there it is. I made a cake. It was from someone else’s recipe (and by someone else, I mean Betty Crocker). The only unique thing I did was put heart-shaped jellybeans and chocolate
chips on top. But, I thought it looked cute and wanted y’all to see it.

More gratuitous photos follow (note, because I am not a food blogger,
I have two poorly rendered photos of the cake and 3,500 photos of people wearing crazy glasses. Because #foodtographythuglife.






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