Stay-at-home Life…. Oh, the Exhaustion

So, this morning, I’m just chilling in Will’s hotel room and realizing this: staying home for a living is hard work. I do not currently have the stamina for this. Why?

1) Everywhere I look, I have marketing opinions. So, the poster in the elevator that promotes the fact that there are clean sheets (First – gross. How is that a selling point? Clean sheets should be a given.)? I’m analyzing its marketing effectiveness. The talk show segment on giving to overworked moms? I’m trying to come up with a promo like it and emailing my coworkers about it. What would I do with all these excess energies? I’d probably be exhausting myself with all these overflowing thoughts and end up needing a nap.

2) I straightened my hair today. Because I had nothing else to do while watching TV. So, while I might be better groomed, my arms would be exhausted. Solution? Nap. And we can’t have that. Ponytail on a workday it is.

3) I have teared up on multiple occasions watching TV. Darn you, Rachael Ray, and your tear-jerker-y segments. Darn you, Kristen Bell, for just being a-maz-ing. And crying makes me tired. So, there’s another nap.

Seriously. How adorable is she?!

Basically, I just might spend my days watching TV and making my hair perfectly groomed, then sleeping on it and squashing it down and putting on makeup and crying it off and then sleeping off the crying. Basically, it might be better to just stay in bed. And that wouldn’t even be with any kids involved. I don’t know how stay-at-home ladies do all the chores and kid-watching and shopping and errand-running. Or how working moms handle both sides of the equation. I salute you, ladies, on Mother’s Day Eve Eve, for all you do and the fact that you do it with so much grace and so few naps.


4 thoughts on “Stay-at-home Life…. Oh, the Exhaustion

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    1. I have the utmost respect for moms and wives who stay at home – I think everything they get accomplished is amazing. There’s no way I could do it all. Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. hahaha yesss. its hard! when you have the option of taking a nap right in front of you, you have to take it! 20 mins before my husband gets home is when the majority of my daily productiveness gets done! ha.


    1. I can tell – just from how completely unmotivated I am when I get home at the end of the day. It’s like, “Oh, I could do something. ORRRR, I could look at my phone and listen to TV for the next four hours.” But, I know that when people DO actually stay home, they have more structure and willpower than I do!


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