Airport Window Shopping

One of my favorite things about waiting in an airport (that already sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it?) is the bookshop window shopping.

Obviously, I’m way too cheap stingy frugal to ever buy a book. After all, that’s why libraries and friends were invented. And, yeah, if we are friends that have ever discussed books, there’s a high probability that some marvelous literary work you lent me is still in my possession years later (sorry, Kim, I know you REALLY want the wonder that is South of Broad back).

Anyway, that was a digression. So, when I go to an airport bookstore, I walk around like a slightly deranged person and take pictures of the covers of all the books I want to read so I’ll remember them later and find a free way to get my hands on them.

Here’s the latest and greatest list of things I saw at the airport this summer:


I really liked The Tipping Point, and I’ve heard good things about this book… it’s about how being the underdog can actually be an advantage. Very interested. On the “to read” list.

20140625-134710-49630380.jpg Because what’s NOT to like about a book described as a “substantive beach read” about two women whose dreams are challenged by society and familial expectations? Check.


Oh, Bridget Jones. As much as I love your movie (the first one, not the second one), I really don’t think you needed another book. And really, Mark Darcy aka Collin Firth aka sweatery British super-movie-love interest really makes the movie. And that fight scene in the street. Probably won’t read this one, but felt like there should be a public service announcement that Bridget’s back and in Mum-mode.


MOST Jane Austen adaptations leave me lukewarm, but the ones that I do like have the Austen-y characters in the periphery and introduce you to a new cast in a familiar setting (Elizabeth Aston’s books are my favorite Austen redactions – is that the right word?). This one is about the life of a servant in the P&P household, so it might be promising.

This isn’t a new book at all, so I would be interested to hear if anyone else has read it. “The Twelve Tribes of Hattie” keeps popping up in my library “recommended” queue. Since it’s available for download immediately, I’ll probably check it out. After all, the sticker says Oprah recommended it. 😉

20140625-134711-49631808.jpg Heard about this one on NPR. The bad thing about hearing about books on NPR is that I’m typically in the car, and I forget about whatever I heard by the time I get to work or home (unless it’s the story about the woman with dozens of pet rats who, among other things, meet her at the door like a dog when she returns home and clean her teeth while she watches TV. Yes, you read that correctly. She allows a rat to reach its talons into her mouth and CLEAN. HER. TEETH. Vile.)

Does the cover of this book not just look awesome and creepy? I imagine whoever was married to EAP must have been a pretty strange lady, and you know what they say…. truth is stranger than fiction (although, come to think of it, typically not stranger than Poe’s fiction…. hearts thumpings and casks of amontillado and all that).

20140625-134713-49633678.jpg We finally get to another non-fiction book on the list. I really like these kinds of memoir/experience/whatever the genre’s called books… honestly, because I think they’re a writer’s dream. Who DOESN’T want to go do something amazing and write it all down and get famous? That’s hitting on all the literary cylinders.



Last but not least, I feel like I’ve heard a lot of things that are at odds with old Ben Franklin’s kindly, bespectacled kite-flying persona, like his raging syphillis and, apparently, his common law wife and bastard child.

Okay, if you’re still reading – I want to know if you’ve read any of these books, how you liked them and what else you recommend. Anything good on your reading list?


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  1. Hi Natalie!! An adventure to find a best burger sounds like a delicious one. I am a fan of all food quests. 🙂

    I have NEVER seen Bridget Jones’s Diary, but I feel like I need to at some point. I didn’t even know it was a book. Maybe I should check it out first? And, one of my favorite recent reads is My Life in France – it’s about Julia Childs. I think I’ve recommended it to everyone because I loved it just that much. Check it out; you won’t be disappointed! (I hope)


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