My First Mother’s Day, or Why Didn’t I Celebrate this Earlier?!

Thanks to having the best husband and most perfect tiny person in my life, Mother’s Day was great. To sum it up – a lunch visit to my office on Friday, lots of snuggles and mommy/baby selfies (apparently getting her started early) and a Sunday date with the best card and fab present. Please note that she’s not all that excited to realize that she has to give presents instead of just continuing to receive (thanks everyone for the unending stream of gifts we’ve enjoyed over the past year’s span). 

I really don’t know why I wasn’t celebrating this holiday any sooner. All I had to do to get these gifts, after all, was go through 19 hours of unmedicated natural labor, lose my ability to sleep in, change approximately 17 million diapers and spend the rest of my time basking in smiles and cuddles. Motherhood is a lot less wine-drinking playdates and pop-the-baby-in-a-bag-and-let’s-go-to-Europe-during-maternity-leave than I expected, but it’s so amazingly wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, and the happiest mother of all is me. 🙂

PS Also, shout out to the utterly helpful Halla, who makes being parents so much more enjoyable for me and Will. 


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