Home Alone 2 and Scary Noises

#scarylife strikes again.

Seriously, Will Tate cannot leave the house for more than 30 minutes before something terrible and horrible happens. It’s like the Lost Monster is just waiting outside to swoop in and terrorize us the minute he turns on to the access road of 1604.

Last night, he was traveling for work and I thought – “Ahhh…. so comfy I get the whole bed to myself  Oh, I’m going to miss him so much, but surely with Halla and Baby here, there’s strength in numbers and Girl Power and all that.”

Well, in Baby-expression-language, you’d be:


Also known as “seriously wrong, fool.”

Because at just about 4 a.m., up from the first floor, there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. Or, in actuality, I laid in bed and got really scared of burgling. And monsters.

Obvi, I couldn’t investigate this situation on my own. So instead, I went across the hall, sleepy-eyed and crazy-haired and exhausted, and said, “Abby, there was a scary noise. Come downstairs with me.”

To her credit, she got up and retrieved a weapon. Ignore the fact that it was a pretty delicate-looking glass lamp. She valiantly unplugged it and carried it like it was a club or a bat or something. I got a tiny can of paint, because when there’s a burgling menace in your house, you obviously think, “Maybe, in the process of fighting for my life and defending my home, I’ll do some touch-up work on the baseboards .” (Actually, I was thinking I should open the paint and prepare to throw it in the face of our intruder. Enterprising of me, I know.)

So, we crept down the stairs and trepidatiously turned on a light, ready to spring and attack with our Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It was a whiteboard and magngets that fell off the cabinet.

Don’t worry – Halla still bludgeoned it with the lamp. Baby slept through the whole incident. 


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