Breaking a Solemn Vow

Readers, you have probably picked up by now on the fact that I have a highly addictive personality. Hence, I get obsessive with:

– Duchess Kate and fam

– Jane Austen

– Tudor history

– Cookie butter

– Game of Thrones and in particular, Catch the Throne

And more … In fact, I have a thorough accounting to make in the near future regarding my complete, unabashed fangirling over Alexander Hamilton, just you wait. (PS Lin-Manuel Miranda I love love love your brilliant mind. That is all. For now. But seriously, you are my role model and idol and… Okay seriously that’s all). 

As I was saying…

Addictive personality. Thankfully, I’m totally addicted to the precious precocious wonder that is Noelle, my perfect child. Since I am so in love with her, I also need her to present a good face to her adoring public, which leads me to my other latest non-Hamilton-related addiction: buying stylish attire for the baby person (spoiler alert: preternaturally gorgeous photos upcoming. Avert your eyes if you don’t think you can handle a quadruple dose of delightfulness.).

Breakfast of champions 

Blue Steel

You can always tell when I’ve been on a spree because the eBay packages start pouring in (pro tip: just search all the good brands that sell in the snooty smock-y Facebook groups and you can find their stuff on eBay for half the price). Anyway, the shopping was getting a little out of control, and by a little, I mean we needed a Clueless-style closet to keep things organized and fresh, because as you know, celebrity babies like Noelle cannot possibly be photographed wearing the same outfit twice. Horrors (Umm… Also, exaggeration may be a tiny addiction of mine as well.).

So I banned myself from shopping. I even missed out on a Eleanor Rose dress that a friend wanted to sell me as a great deal…(in non-baby-shopper-speak, this is probably like getting 70% off on a Kate Spade New York. In non-girl-speak, this is probably like Davidson getting Steph Curry.). 

But I stood strong. I rejected the many alluring offers of boutique Instagram accounts. I ignored Facebook posts where my sister tagged Mommy and Me outfits. I was so proud. And then today… This happened. 

If anyone can blame me for breaking my vow in order to purchase LIMITED EDITION Mean Girls hair bows that could totally be worn by a toddler or her mom… I mean, by Noelle, then you are just a more highly-self-actualized human being than I will probably ever be and you should probably go congratulate yourself now by enjoying some vegan free trade cage free espresso with the Dalai Lama or something. But I can’t. I had to buy them. 

Seriously, now I can wear a “On Wednesdays we wear pink” bow in my hair that is big and full of secrets on Wednesdays or any other days. And by me, I definitely mean Noelle. This is basically the highlight of the week in my otherwise very, very dull life. Oh, and also, I had a Dr Pepper float (a la Baylor) at lunch. That is all. 


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