Updates on the Google-free Zone Experiment

I am quite sure that you have all been on the edges of your respective seats since Saturday, unable to rest because you are pondering what I missed out on by not googling for AN. ENTIRE. DAY.

I’ve determined that I ask a lot of questions and in a pre-Internet world, I would just never know the answers to said questions. During the day, I kept a running list that of questions that accumulated:

IMG_1134 (2)
Just a few of the super-important things in my mind…

I also noted some questions on my phone notepad. They basically comprised three categories – functional, research and curiosities. Most of the functional things I actually solved other ways – old school, throwback ways, like calling the children’s museum instead of googling. Research questions are the best ones, because those are the ones that were actually potentially enriching – questions based on book or magazine articles I read, or conversations that Will and I had. Curiosities are just the weird things that pop into my mind, or burn away my cerebral cortex (hence the wasabi question), or things that don’t necessarily have to have an answer, but that I, like Davy in Anne of the Island, “just want to know.”

I noticed a few times that I would want to find the answer to a question, then start doing something else and forget about the question. So, maybe it’s not all life-and-death stuff. At the same though, a lot of the time, I use these tidbits to make my conversation all the more delightful,so I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on those particular joys of talking with me.

And, I’m curious – in pre-Internet days – could I gotten these questions answered with he help of a dictionary and my friends/family? I’m posting the full list here, and answer what you can:

  • berkshire hathaway share price
  • what is quantative easing simple explanation
  • the bloomery buy stock
  • usave dry cleaner hours
  • hours fischer park
  • directions fischer park
  • king of the vercingatorix
  • what is antimony
  • olympia hills golf course houses
  • mirror neurons babies
  • major employers new braunfels and boerne
  • why didnt george washington have children
  • king of america san antonio
  • who built mount vernon
  • how to make a business plan
  • What is Melissa jones Baylor doing now
  • Graystreet San Antonio
  • WordPress- how to publish to Facebook
  • how many words can babies say 15 months
  • why does wasabi make your head burn
  • Baby Dear golden book
  • Hector Iliad
  • CodeUp
  • Chris Bosh coding program
  • What is silphum
  • Egyptian marriage rituals
  • triclinia
  • Mauretania
  • Where is armenia
  • Doseum hours
  • Juba and Selene
  • What are the words to the Hail Mary
  • Are Hail Mary and rosary the same thing

It’s also extremely interesting to think of all the potential information google and other search engines gather and host regarding users. With all the ways they can parse information like this, I wonder what type of ads I’ll be receiving? At least with questions ranging from Egyptology to stocks to Catholicism to wasabi, I should be able to keep them guessing for a while! It’s also just shocking to think that a list like this is really a window into a portion of my day (although not all-encompassing, as the actual real-life stuff that happened, like the Wonders of Noelle-ness, were not recorded in search history annals.

Seriously, though, I still haven’t googled any of these questions, so if you know the answers tell me, because curiosity will likely be getting the best of me soon!


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