Must-Read: Abigail’s Blog

People of the internet, you may recall, there is a person, much-loved, of balance-ball balancing fame, California dreamin’ past times and the Midnight Defense Squad, by name of Halla, or more actually Abigail.

You haven’t met her yet; you haven’t had the chance (shoutout to Hamilton)…. because she’s IN NEW ZEALAND living the explorer life, gathering up adventures that shall be used to launch her literary and screenwriting career, among other things.

Anyway, best of sisters and nannies, Abigail, has a blog. You should read it. It is a very functional narrative intended to let us in Texas all know that she is still in the land of the living (as well as of the Maori and the Flight of the Conchords). Anyway, without further ado – here is the link:

And, since there will be zero pictures on the blog of the actual human behind the keyboard, here she is in all her glory:

We love you and miss you Abigail (even though you argue wrongfully that missing people is a wasted emotion; nonetheless, we do!)!


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