I have extreme First World Probs right now, in that kind of  Lebron “I don’t know why The Man Above always gives me the hardest road” James way. 

But seriously, I am so behind on Game of Thrones that I don’t know when I will get caught up, which then means I won’t be able to talk about it at work tomorrow and will have to be shunned by my coworkers, and then I have to avoid social media because spoilers and then I just can’t even. 

It’s like super super super high drama and what am I going to do and please someone tell me that Sansa tortured Ramsay to death or something except don’t tell me because spoilers and can’t-even-in, as previously mentioned. 


It’s totes hard being me. Now let me go get a skinny latte and a selfie stick and find a Mean Girls quote along to take part in… Because you guys don’t even know how the struggle is real.