If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say YES! – then learn to do it later.

I feel certain this particular quote must have been inspired by – or the inspiration for – Richard Branson’s ultra-memorable Friends guest appearance, because as far as I know, acting hasn’t been front and center of his repertoire. Nonetheless, this quote is very inspirational to me, especially as I start a new chapter in my life.

As of this past Friday, I’m taking my talents to South Beach… or, as it were, to online development. I feel like in a million, billion years I never would have expected this to be part of my overall career trajectory. I feel like web or online or mobile development would have been up there with astronaut and chemist and let’s say pretty much any other STEM-related career field for me. My talents and expertise have always been in the realm of writing and all the feelings and all the words, spoken, read, written, etc., and I dreamed about being a professor or a psychiatrist or a lawyer or a novelist or a journalist or a princess or a royal duchess, or what-have-you. So, this is new and unexpected. 

But, in the words of Richard Branson, and more, importantly, Lin-Alexander Manuel MirandHamilton (and also Eminem, come to think of it), when you have one shot, one opportunity… you should capture it, not just let it slip. You… obviously… don’t throw away your shot.

With that in mind, I have prepared myself and I’m ready to move on to new adventures. The hardest thing will not be leaving behind the work – after all, I can write and cajole all you wondrous humans (and maybe bots) into reading it any time, particularly if I bribe you by including Noelle pics in the post. What I’ll miss is the people. I have the best marketing and design colleagues in the world. Many of these beautiful, big-hearted human beings have been a huge part of my life for the past seven years. At my initial job interview, my then-future boss said, “You shouldn’t work here if you don’t want people in your business.” And they have been, in the best possible way. I have made some of my very dearest friends and work girlfriends here. We’ve celebrated weddings and babies and birthdays and promotions and everything else in between. They love my husband and my baby daughter. They know my birthday, my likes and dislikes, my favorite snacks, my affinity for Mean Girls quotes (and they totally work them into conversations too – shout out to Inez, Chelsea and Lex), my intense competitiveness at Catchphrase and…well… everything…and a million other little things in between. It’s so hard to think about leaving them and being in A. WHOLE. DIFFERENT. BUILDING. Literally, guys, it’s like a football field length away. 

But the best thing will be learning new skills, passionately smashing expectations … I hope…(okay, Hamilton lines are becoming the new Gretchen Weiners stand-bys here) and building new friendships and relationships.

Wish me luck as I Lean In, and give me interesting ideas to write about in the Internet world so I can keep my creative brain sharp.