Whoa! I Write Other Blog Things

I just thought you should know. I’m in a polygamous blog relationship.

I’m really, brilliantly excited over the fact that I was recently selected as a blogger for Alamo City Moms Blog. This is something I’ve been wishing and daydreaming about for a long time. In fact, I totally considered getting a fake baby in the past so I could get in on this particular mommy-blog.

Kidding. No fake babies were harmed (or produced) in the procurement of this blogging position. In all seriousness, I have wanted to be a writer for this blog for a long time because I have so much admiration for the accepting and inspiring community they are building in our city. And, I admit to totally having a role-model-crush on Brooke, one of the blog owners. She won my heart when she came to a leadership training and presented on “How to Not be a Jessie Spano.” Who wouldn’t love someone who did this, and who totally made it make sense?!

When I saw the call for contributors, I put in my name, submitted my writing samples, then crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. And, I was chosen! My first post published this past week, and I’m pretty sure I checked in on the social media stats about 35 times during the day because I was so thrilled to see people reading my writing.

Here’s a sneak peek …

and you can read my whole first post here

I’m also pumped that I get to enjoy doing this with two of my very favorite fellow San Antonio moms, Jennelle and Ariana. I hope you’ll check in on my writing both here and on the ACMB blog.


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