Things I Understand about Pokemon Go

Absolutely nothing.

This should be an easy, short post, right? I’m officially old because I can’t figure out how to be good at this game.

I have so far succeeded in catching two Pokemon (Pokemons? Not sure about the plural situation on this) from bed and one Pokemon from my couch. I have walked around my neighborhood on a baby strolling expedition and encountered zero Poke-things, which just tells you that walking is worthless. And, as an update for those with a burning desire to know things like if this nature, I have actually captured a Pidgeotto… whatever that means… Since the inception of this blog post draft. I have no idea what to do with it. Like, do I cage it? Train it? Find it a friend? Advise it to do something about that bizarre Jimmy Darmody hair-feather situation?

I downloaded this Pokemon Go game because my new employees (remember I work in IT now and give me a bit of grace on this) were talking about it and I wanted to be “the cool boss.” Hopefully, that’s a phrase that’s synonymous with “the boss that just figured out snapchat filters this week by googling and who had to text her younger sister to learn how to catch the Pokemons.”

The one good thing? I have a super-hot avatar. Seriously. Pokemon Natalie is totes gorgeous.


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