Career Day: They Call it Puppy Love 

If I’m ever a squillionaire, I am SO having the Tiny Town from The Doseum built somewhere in my mega-mansion, possible between the 100,000 volume library and the Royal Parephenalia lounge. 

Noelle loves playing in the Tiny Town and the awww-inducing photo opps are worth the price of an annual pass all on their own. 

The latest potential career for the Genius Baby: veterinarian. 

She is firmly entrenched in the animal adoration phase of toddlerhood right now, so this one is right up her alley. 

Okay, your heart should be utterly melting at this cuteness or else I actually question your humanity. 

And here… We were reading the signs that say how to tell if your pet is sick using your five senses (listen for whining, look for rash, etc.). One of the guidelines is “smell their breath.”  Check out this face! Obvi disgusted by imaginary dog breath.

Okay puppies, Dr. Nono will see you now!


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