Restaurant Review: South Alamode Panini and Gelato

For my birthday, we tried out a new place but I’m just now getting around to writing about it. 

I saw gelato from South Alamode on Instagram and felt like I needed to go there because, after all, gelato is just Italian for more delicious ice cream. So, we went down to the Blue Star complex and gave it a try. 

And, first things first: before I get into a lot of elaboration on details,  the gelato was amazing. The owner herself gave us a ton of samples, scooped it up for us, and even put a birthday candle in it for me. She was extra, extra sweet and very Giada de Laurentiis, except authentic Italian, accent and all. 

I really could have eaten the lemon sorbet all day. It was the lightest, fluffy, frozen-sunshine-wrapped-in-angel-kisses stuff I have ever eaten. I am never a sorbet person, but this was really, really good and it was a perfect complement to some of the other richer options we had. 

The three of us shared one medium gelato and it was more than enough. The flavors we chose were the aforementioned lemon sorbet, goat cheese caramel cashew and strachiatella. The goat cheese caramel cashew sounds like something hipster that’s just trying way too hard, but it’s so not. It was really densely complex as far as the flavor goes and it was the creamiest ice cream or gelato that I have ever eaten. The strachiatella was good too (since we went to Italy, Will’s been a devotee) but the other two flavors were extraordinary so it seemed plain by comparison. 

Here’s the Noelle seal of approval:

We had panini also, and they were good. Mine was a Havana I think (something Cuban) and it was tasty but a little too pickle-y for my liking. Why not just take off the pickles, you ask? I don’t know! My only thought on this is that it needed pickley-ness of some sort, so a full-on pickle-ectomy was not on the table. The only other cons to this place were the lack of high chairs (just bring your umbrella stroller, or use the big chairs if possible – Noelle was okay with it) and the fact that the building needs some awnings to keep it cool during hot summer afternoons. 


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