I love farmers’ markets. 

That is really a declaration, I guess, but who doesn’t love farmers’ markets? You can walk around outside; you can buy your fresh produce for the next week; you can spend $8.50 on a container of nut-milk. What’s not to love?

I also love the free samples, but I’m one of those saps who feels guilty taking samples from a small local mom-and-pop business or Mama’s Little Bakery in Chicago, Illinois (bonus points for you if you can cite that TV reference). So, hence the $8.50 on the nut milk. 

I really fell in love with farmers’ markets when I went on a work trip to San Francisco. I was by myself and got in to town with a half-day to spare so I wandered and shopped at the Embarcadero Market and also a market by the library and I was hooked by tiny grapes and cilantro hummus. And my life has never been the same, at least on maybe one Saturday morning a month when I drag myself out of the house early enough. 

Noelle and I have made farmers’ market exploring one of our mommy-daughter Saturday activities. She likes to play and run around, she loves samples, she charms all the booth owners, and, most importantly to her, there are puppies everywhere. We checked out the Trinity Market recently and here’s the skinny on it:

– Pros: Bombay Salsa Company, other food trucks, extracurriculars

I will have to write about Bombay Salsa Company more in an additional post, but the food is excellent, the owners are nice and you should immediately find this truck and try it out. When I discovered Bombay Salsa, I was actually really bummed because their truck used to park really near my old house but I thought it looked somewhat questionable so I didn’t approach it. Word to the wise – question nothing, just eat the paneer quesadilla. Seriously. If I had known there was Indian food, not to mention Indian-Latin fusion food, near my house, I probably would have insisted we never move. 

Bombay Salsa Company menu
Too much yum in one pic
Bombay Salsa Company San Antonio food truck
This farmers’ market is great because it really has a sense of community to it. There are quite a few vendors, including food trucks, serving prepared food and drinks, so you can sit outside, eat and enjoy. The day We went out, they also had a Bollywood dance demonstration that I really wanted to check out and participate in, except for the fact that I was lugging around a toddler who, as previously mentioned, was devoting her life to patting every puppy that came within a 15-foot radius of her. 

– Cons: limited produce options

Maybe it’s the scorching heat of the season, but I felt there wasn’t a ton of variety among the produce offerings. I feel like I mostly saw okra and potatoes. I love okra (baked, not boiled. Never boiled) so I bought some from a really nice lady who also gave me a recipe,  but I didn’t really see a lot of other choices that excited me. Maybe take this with a grain of salt since it’s also melon season and cantaloupe is a special abhorrence of mine. 

Trinity Farmers Market signage
Cute signs. Those Trinity kids are smarties with the puns.

I’ll have to check it out again and compare with others to be certain. By the way, the okra was actually excellent, so no complaints, but just a note for those who might be looking for something more exotic. Since the market is still fairly new, I would expect they will add more vendors soon as well. 

I would definitely check out this market again, especially as they continue to add more fun activities and build the sense of community around the weekend gathering. 

O Fudge San Antonio
Noelle turns on the charm for the fudge lady (we recommend the pecan fudge).
Noelle, based on her enjoyment of joining people at their tables (she just climbed right up and said, “Hi puppy!”) and jonesing for fudge samples, would agree and join me.