Things about Gilmore Girls (maybe spoiler-y)

I’m totally in an ugh mood right now after staying up till midnight three days in a row to watch GG before anyone spoiled it for me. 

Just in case I get spoiler-y myself …here’s some extra space and reading cushion. 

Okay, so…

1) When did Jess get so shockingly handsome? I always found him to be the least attractive of Rory’s boyfriends, but apparently I missed the whole past 10 years when Milo Ventamiglia grew up. Wow. 

2) Amy Sherman-Paladino is by far the better writer between herself and Daniel. Way, way too much filler nonsense in the summer episode. 

3) I don’t care what anyone else (boo critics) thinks about the Life-and-Death brigade return. I loved it. It was just so Logan to grand gesture things and such a swan song to that whole time in Rory’s life. I thought it was really symbolic of him, her, his world and their relationship. 

4) Was it the Wookie???!!?!?!!??!?!! Also, is that how you spell Wookie?!

5) Boo to sullying the good name of Hamilton with its appearance and references in that abysmal nightmare of a Stars Hollow musical. That was probably the worst eight minutes in television history, likely even superseding every episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos and anything connected to Honey Boo Boo. 

5) I bawled my way through the Fall episode. ( Spoilery ) The B&B scene and the Lorelai phone call….. So much tearjerkeriness. 

6) Is there any fan out there that didn’t guess the four words? I think the interesting thing is the trajectory and how much better is it psychologically for this to happen at 32 instead of 22. I thought the 10 year lapse definitely gave us a less outraged feeling than I would have had otherwise. I was glad Rory at least had a chance to get out into the world and test her wings. 

6) Why is Rory so awkward? How can she be so weird in interviews? I mean, she passed the rigorous DAR application but she can’t pitch a single story idea to GQ or SandeeSays? 

How did I feel about it overall? I think they tried to rush it too much. It included too much filler fluff, but more importantly, there was not nearly enough of the witty wordplay and the literary and cultural references that made Gilmore Girls so fun to watch in the first place. I’m not sure I want another season after this because, honestly, I’ve always, always been Team Logan and I feel like nothing positive can happen from here on out, and I really don’t want to have to start hating him. 

So, that’s that. Mini-Gilmore-Girls highlights from me. 


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  1. Ah I loved this! I posted a review on the revival myself today and I envy you for being able to get your feelings out there in so few a word! Mine feels like a million words, minimum.

    I 100% feel your pain! I’ve always been MASSIVELY team Logan, I hatehatehate what they did to Rory and Logan’s relationship. I think I would rather have not seen him in the revival at all than to feel the way I do now. The way they tried to distract us from the awful storyline that is their relationship with his abs though! Although, his abs are particularly stunning..

    I didn’t even consider the part about Rory being awkward for interviews.. I guess she didn’t really want it but needed it so felt a lack of passion for it. Still, you would think she could have thought of something on the spot. She’s Rory Gilmore for goodness sake! Her and Lorelai are supposed to be queens of quick talking and fast thinking!

    LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVED the life and death brigade reunion. The way they came out of the fog like that was iconic. I also loveloveloveeee Finn.

    You’re not alone, felt so jet lagged afterwards and I honestly didn’t stop crying throughout all four episodes. Especially during that argument Emily and Lorelai had after Lorelai told one of her worst memories of Richard while the others told their best. It hit me so hard! Amazing acting on both of their parts.

    Lovely post! Glad to know I’m not alone in my thoughts 🙂


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