Requiem for a Straightener 

After nine long years, our relationship is over. I can still remember the first day we met, in a hair salon in Tulsa for my bestie Sarah's wedding. My eyes locked on you from across the bins of scissors and piles of loose hair. My sister was right beside me, saying, "Go for it," and... Continue Reading →

Things about Gilmore Girls (maybe spoiler-y)

I'm totally in an ugh mood right now after staying up till midnight three days in a row to watch GG before anyone spoiled it for me.  Just in case I get spoiler-y myself's some extra space and reading cushion.  Okay, so... 1) When did Jess get so shockingly handsome? I always found him... Continue Reading →

Career Day: Beautician Edition

Sometimes a girl's just gotta girl, if you know what I mean. And I'm guessing that a love for makeup just might be an inherent girly thing, based on her response to miraculously finding blush (by miraculously, I obviously mean finding my purse, removing it from a table, finding the makeup bag, unzipping it, and... Continue Reading →

Ns Out around Town: Trinity Market

I love farmers' markets.  That is really a declaration, I guess, but who doesn't love farmers' markets? You can walk around outside; you can buy your fresh produce for the next week; you can spend $8.50 on a container of nut-milk. What's not to love? I also love the free samples, but I'm one of... Continue Reading →

Career Day: They Call it Puppy Love 

If I'm ever a squillionaire, I am SO having the Tiny Town from The Doseum built somewhere in my mega-mansion, possible between the 100,000 volume library and the Royal Parephenalia lounge.  Noelle loves playing in the Tiny Town and the awww-inducing photo opps are worth the price of an annual pass all on their own. ... Continue Reading →

Things I Understand about Pokemon Go

If you're not a Bulbasaur living under a rock, you've probably heard about Pokemon Go. So because I'm extra-trendy and know about all the things (okay, because my employees told me), I downloaded it. Here's what I think.

Quote of the Day: Sun and Shadows

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see a shadow." Can't remember where I read this quote but I loved it. Therefore, I thought you should all see it. It's all in your perspective, life is what you make it, etc., etc. Whichever truisms you want to apply, they all fit, in... Continue Reading →

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